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Laws For UAE Citizens

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Emiratisation Laws

  • Cabinet Resolution treating GCC Nationals at par with UAE Nationals (except for Emiratization quota)

Application For Emiratisation

  • The UAE encourages the public and private sectors to implement Emiratisation policies at all levels through the establishment of a special department, quota and incentives.

Establishment of A Special Department

  • Federal Law No. 8 of 1980 also known as Labour Law as amended  mentions in its Article 10 that MOHRE will have a special department dedicated to find adequate job opportunities for nationals. The dept.  must assist employers in fulfilling their need of national workers whenever needed.

Localisation of Jobs

  • Following a strategic plan to promote Emiratisation, MOHRE decided to localize more jobs in the private sector. Starting from 2017, companies that are registered with Tas'heel's online services and that employ over 1000 workers would be required to hire Emirate citizens for the data entry positions.

  • MOHRE decided that all construction facilities with a workforce of 500 or more employees must appoint at least one Emirate occupational health and safety officer from 2017.


Initiatives for the Employment of Emiratis

  • Absher is an initiative supervised by Ministry of Presidential Affairs and implemented by MoHRE in order to provide a decent life for UAE citizens. The aim of this initiative is to provide approximately 20,000 jobs for citizens in the coming period.

  • The Absher initiative compliments a number of previous initiatives launched by the federal and local governments in the UAE, such as:

  1. National Human Resource Development and Employment Authority (Tanmia); now a part of MOHRE

  2. Emirates Nationals Development Program.

  3. Dubai Government Human Resources Department

  4. Sharjah Govt. Directorate of Human Resources.

  5. These entities develop the skills of UAE nationals and prepare them for the job market. The entities also serve as recruitment agencies offering a channel for the UAE nationals and employers to reach out to each other.

Recruiting UAE nationals in the private sector

  • The UAE law encourages nationals to work in the private sector and applies certain provisions pretaining to this. Read more emiratisation resolutions

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