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Job Description For Management

What can Energy Gate do for you?

  • Who is a job seeker?
    Everyone who has a citizen ID, is 18 to 60 years old, has a certificate of good conduct and has registered his name with "Energy Gate" for seeking a suitable job and did not get a chance to work during the job search reference period.
  • What is the job search reference period?
    It is the period of time during which a job seeker has taken serious steps to join a job as employee.
  • What is the reference period of availability?
    It is the period required by the job seeker to become available or willing to work if he had the opportunity to work, this period should not exceed two weeks from the work opportunity notification period.
  • Who is given priority by Emiratisation services?
    The priority goes to unemployed citizens unable to get a suitable job, despite being able to work, willing to accept the standard wage and is seriously seeking for a job, but fails.
  • What does standard wage mean?
    The wage paid to the vast majority of occupants of a particular profession per hour of work including the value of allowances and benefits received by the worker and is calculated by the value of the wage assigned to a profession in each sector separately.
  • What are the services provided to a job seeker?
    Registration in Energy Gate. Nomination for vacancies announced on "Energy" Gate. Coordination with employers to attend interviews directly or attending open employment days at the Customer Happiness Centers in the UAE. Nomination for technical or specialized training and qualification programs. Use of vocational and job guidance sessions. Use of Energy Gate benefits after employment in the private sector or on open platform.
  • What are the roles and responsibilities of a job seeker?
    01. To complete all fields in the "Registration" page and "My CV" page on the Energy Gate to get a job seeker's account. 02. To log in the job seeker's account at least once every three months to active the registration account on "Energy" Gate. 03. To be ready for work within a period not exceeding 6 weeks from the date he is informed of the job opportunity. 04. Not to be absent in any service provided to job seekers for 3 times. 05. Not to be absent in job interviews more than twice. 06. Not to refuse 3 suitable job opportunities from different bodies. 07. Not to refuse 1 suitable employment contract. 08. To attend and complete training programs as per fixed duration. 09. To attend the guidance program. 10. To respond to different communication channels "phone – e-mail – SMS" at least three times. 11. To update his account information and inform the Call Center of any change to it on 80060.
  • Does a job seeker have to register to review available opportunities on Tawteen Gate?
    Yes, it is connected to active database that keep on changing and need to be secured, you can visit the Energy Gate to explore.
  • How can a job seeker apply to use available job opportunities on Energy Gate?
    Job seekers need to apply to benefit from the job opportunities through the registration on the Energy Gate.
  • How can a job seeker register on Energy Gate?
    Logging in the Energy Gate's website (www.?????.ae) Clicking on job seekers category (for UAE Nationals only) and clicking on "Register a new user". Completing all required fields in the registration form. When it is done, clicking on "Save" field, you will receive a text message on e-mail and private phone with the username and password to confirm your registration in "Energy" Gate.
  • What are the requirements for registering my application?
    Family Book and Passport Unified Number UAE ID Card And to complete registration on the "Energy" Gate, noting that the registration applications with incomplete or incorrect information will not be approved.
  • Should job seekers come in person to register on the Energy Gate?
    No. job seekers can register on the Energy Gate through our website online at www.???.ae and contacting the consultant or visiting the nearest Customer Happiness Center to their residence.
  • What academic qualifications are required for registration?
    All academic qualifications are accepted.
  • How do job seekers access their account on the Energy Gate?
    By logging in Energy Gate's website www.???.ae, selecting "Enter", choosing "UAE National" and then entering the job seeker's username and password and choosing the secret question and its answer.
  • How can job seekers recover the lost username and password?
    By logging in Energy Gate's website www.???.ae, selecting "Enter", choosing "Forget Password", entering the e-mail address information and choosing the secret question and its answer after completing, then clicking on "Save". You will an e-mail address registered with the job seeker's username and password. Also, you can contact the consultant) for help.
  • What can Job seekers do to improve their chances of getting a job?
    They can do that through continuous logging in the job seeker's account via "Energy" Gate to review vacancies, cooperating with the Emiratisation Sector's employees by responding to their calls or through any other available communication channel, attending all services provided to the seeker through the Emiratisation Sector (at Energy Gate) or updating CV, if necessary.
  • How do job seekers look for a job through the website?
    Log in the Energy Gate from website www.???.ae and click on ‘Vacancy Search’.
  • How do job seekers view their information via the Energy Gate?
    By logging in your account on Energy Gate's website www.???.ae, choosing the page of your search "My CV" - page – CV Preview – Attachment Upload – Presentation Letter – Job Search – Saved Searches – Summary of Jobs Applied for – Training – Change My Information/Change Password – My Services".
  • Can I upload my Private CV to Energy Gate's website?
    Yes. Log in the job seeker's account on the "Energy" Gate and choosing the Attachment Upload Field from "My CV" page.
  • What if the time of activating the job seeker's file? How am I informed of that?
    The job seeker's file is activated in 24 hours to verify the authenticity of the information stated in the registration application.
  • How can CV be corresponded to the vacancies announced on Energy Gate's website?
    Correspondence is made automatically once vacancies are announced on the "Energy" Gate against the job seeker's CV that is corresponding to the vacancy's conditions.
  • Can e-mail address and mobile phone number be changed?
    E-mail address are unchangeable. You need to email at the Help Center for help and update information.
  • Is my account as a job seeker considered completed once registration is completed and you receive the confirmation message?
    No. You will be redirected to "My CV" page to enter the job seeker's main information including personal information, contact information, academic qualification, practical experience, training details, language and work/job options, to be qualified for the vacancy nominee list and getting the job seeker's services.
  • When we receive correspondence to vacancy message, is there any other action?"
    No. It is a mere notification of primary correspondence. It will be followed by another e-mail that you have been chosen for the vacancy for your acceptance via your account.
  • When we receive interview date message, is there any other action?"
    Yes. A job seeker needs to make acceptance or refusal of the interview date via your account by choosing "Selected Jobs List" and determining the cause of refusal.
  • Can I change the interview date for personal causes?
    Yes but you must register with our system first.
  • Is there a call center to contact for inquiries, remarks and complaints?"
    Yes. There is a unified mail center that receives all job seekers' inquiries and feedback by emailing at
  • Can we make innovative remarks and ideas and complaints concerning the services provided to job seekers or service-providing employees?
    Yes. Log in the Energy Gate www.???.ae and click on "Suggestions" below the home page.
  • Is there a guide that explains complete registration steps to job seekers?
    Yes. Log in the Energy Gate www.???.ae and click on "User Guide" in the job seeker's registration page.
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