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Short Term Employments

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​Tips To Work In UAE

1.  Before you start a part-time job, check your employee handbook.

2.  If second jobs aren’t prohibited, you still want to keep your current job       and potential second job separate.

3.  Looking for second job ideas for full time workers? Look at what you           already do for a living and try to leverage those skills.

4.  Working more than one job can be a drag on your time. Be sure to              consider travel time and schedule when looking to add on another            job.

5. Be Flexible before picking up a second job which will likely mean that        you may have to work nights, weekends and other odd hours.

6.  Knowing why you’re taking another job will help put you on the path         to get the right one.  


Wise Quotes

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"Don't grieve anything you lose comes around in another form."

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