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Benefits Of

Talent Exchange 

Connecting Companies to top talents and Quality Engineers, technicians, mechanics, etc, based on their requirements, in the energy sector.

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Hire A Talent

  • Reduce your operating cost by hiring on requirement basis only closing gaps between jobs.

  • Talent Exchange is a unique tool which helps you to choose best talent matching your requirement based on their technical performances and gives a bigger insight to their skills than any other freelancing or staffing option.

  • Organize your hiring and create multiple projects whether you’re looking for short term or long term placement you can do a direct job posting or a totally new recruitment through these projects and use this simple tool to short list the pool of candidates according to their abilities and skills for specific clients or job.


  • You can use easily by categories for fast results and the systems provides more details based on their rating past performances and work details, Visa Status, Professional Course, Educational Course, Permits, Licences, Hours worked, Rate, Current Location and much more.

  • Expand your business by taking on new projects easily.

Place Your Talent

  • Avoid day to day micromanagement of your team and get access to an easy tool in Talent Exchange, from planning to mobilization of workforce into marketplace. This can help in earning more from an idol workforce.

  • Maintain your employee: As well as gain useful values from them since they achieve different training and professional exposure from multiple projects.

  • Add or place your own candidate directly on the Enlisting feature of Talent Exchange and seamlessly add and remove the candidate from Talent Exchange.

  • Outsource your talent on Talent Exchange where they will be segregated as per the defined categories to make it easier to search and hire them.​​

  • Can be used to exchange talents internally within various departments in the same company for free

  • Automate the work of your employees as it adds them on talent exchange based on their current job availability

How It Works

Process Of Talent Exchange


Become A Member


Get your company registered & become a member. Kindly visit the link below:

Become A Member


Once You're A Member

For Hiring:

  • Create a Project: Start by creating a project.

  • Add a Requisition: Create the required job title for the project.

  • Browse Profiles: Search candidates in the requisition by categories.

  • Review Talent: Evaluate the talents by their qualifications, timeline, overall cost and also your own requirements.

  • Shortlist the talent.

  • Book them based on talent Important information such as Professional Course, Educational Course and Permits and Licences also talent job related information such as Hours worked, Rate, Visa Status, Current Location, etc.

For Placing Your Talent:

  • Register/create a profile your employee on the enlistment.

  • Set rates & availability for the employee.

  • Add them directly to talent exchange through enlistment.

Talent Profile Features:

  • Talent Information: Such as Professional Course, Educational Course and Permits and Licences.

  • Talent Job Related Information: Such as Hours worked, Rate, Visa Status, Current Location, etc.

  • Our statistics: You can see the number of jobs a candidate has completed. As well as availability for Employment and automated Resume of the Candidate.

  • Rating: A scale of 1-10 defines the quality of the candidate on their projects.

Membership Plan

Our plans & packages details

payment plan boxO.png


Membership Plan

AED 1,799/month

Talent Exchange Including

Enlisting (30 Employees)

Confirmed Hire: 5 Talents Monthly on Talent Exchange

1 Technical Talent as a Recruitment

1 User

Terms & Conditions Apply

payment plan boxO.png


Membership Plan

AED 3,299/month

Talent Exchange Including

Enlisting (100 Employees), HR & Payroll

Confirmed Hire: 10 Talents Monthly on Talent Exchange

2 Technical Talent as Recruitment

2 Users

Terms & Conditions Apply

payment plan boxO.png


Membership Plan

AED 5,899/month

Talent Exchange Including

Enlisting (200 Employees), HR, Payroll & CRM

Confirmed Hire: 15 Talents Monthly on Talent Exchange

3 Technical Talent as a Recruitment

3 Users

Terms & Conditions Apply

payment plan boxO.png


Membership Plan

To be offered exclusively on invitation

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