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Quality Assurance

  • The quality manual and procedures are uploaded into the system and can be viewed by all departments.Each time a procedure or the manual itself is edited the old version becomes obsolete and the new document is titled with the respective revision number.

  • The ISO standard with its clauses are vested within the system and a reconciliation page is present which reconciles the quality manual itself with the ISO standard and any shortcomings are pointed out which would enable for easy rectification or in deciding to hire third party action.

  • The objectives of the year are jotted within different departments and the organization as a whole.

  • The objectives are shown on the dashboard of every department.

  • The quality policy is also present on all department dashboard.

  • A CAR report can be raised for continuous improvement or shortfallings which is evaluated by the quality team and necessary actions are taken. The time taken, cost, employees involved etc. are recorded at real time.

  • A near miss or incident report can be raised in the case of accidents or near miss incidents. The root cause analysis, corrective and preventive actions are recorded with the cost involved and time taken on real time.

  • A message stream is present which allows communication with different departments and employees. The conversation can tag a report, objective, procedure etc. and all the messages are recorded in the database.

  • The Quality department can select the supplier from the supplier evaluation module that they deem to evaluate.

  • The evaluation date and time is recorded and counted for from the time it is created.

  • The evaluation can be assigned to different organizational unit for their evaluation.

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